CMU Harry Potter Conference - Mischief Managed
A Scholarly and Performative Conference on Harry Potter
at Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant MI
October 31 - November 1, 2008

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Conference Organizers, Advisors and Sponsors

It takes a lot of work to make a conference like this a success.  On this page your will find the people and organizations that are helping to sponsor, organize and provide advice to help make this be best scholarly and performative Harry Potter conference ever!

Conference Organizers:

Conference Sponsors:

  • College of Communication and Fine Arts, CMU
  • College of Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences, CMU
  • English Department, CMU
  • Theatre, Interpretation and Dance Department, CMU

Conference Advisors:


Conference Organizers


Anne Hiebert Alton

Professor of English
Central Michigan University
Anspach Hall 228
(989) 774-3560

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Denise Cole

Temporary Instructor
Communication and Dramatic Arts
Central Michigan University
361 Moore Hall
(989) 774-1929

Denise Cole is a teacher in the Dept. of Theatre, Interpretation, and Dance at Central Michigan University. She discovered Harry Potter through the movies, which were peopled with such delightfully eccentric characters that she had to read the books. She has been fascinated by J. K. Rowling's uniquely imaginative world ever since!!

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Nancy Eddy

Assistant Professor
Communication and Dramatic Arts
Central Michigan University
139A Moore Hall
(989) 774-2061

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Ed Hinck

Professor, Director of Forensics
Central Michigan University
319 Moore Hall
(989) 774-3763

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Megan Kowalski

Graduate Assistant, English
President of CMU Harry Potter Club
Central Michigan University

Megan Kowalski has been a fan of the Harry Potter series since October 1999 when her mom gave her a copy of Sorcereršs Stone. Since then, shešs been avidly following Harryšs story all

while graduating high school, earning a bacheloršs degree, and pursuing a masteršs. She is currently a graduate assistant at Central Michigan University, where she tries not to use too many Harry Potter references while shešs teaching English 101.
Megan is also the founder of the Central Michigan University Chapter of Dumbledorešs Army. She hopes to complete grad school with even more knowledge of the Potter universe than she has now.

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Lauren McConnell

Assistant Professor
Communication and Dramatic Arts
Central Michigan University
139B Moore Hall
(989) 774-7673

Lauren started reading the Harry Potter books in the appropriately gothic city of Prague, where she was doing research for her dissertation. In the future she is hoping to be a visiting lecturer at the Durmstrang Institute or at least the muggle equivalent, Sofia University in Bulgaria. Research interests include the exoticization of Eastern Europe in the Wizarding World of J.K. Rowling, a phenomena mirrored in the muggle realm as well.

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Kristen McDermott


Associate Professor of English
Central Michigan University
AN 220
(989) 774-3364

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Brock Sieb


Undergraduate Student, English and Broadcasting & Cinematic Arts
Central Michigan University

Brock is a senior at Central Michigan University pursuing a double major in both English and Broadcasting & Cinematic Arts. He has been interested in Harry Potter since the beginning, and constantly rereads the books.

Brock is also Vice President of Residence Hall Assembly at CMU, where he helps to improve campus life. Additionally, Brock is the Desk Manager for Merrill Hall at CMU. Harry Potter included, books take up what's left of his free time.

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Conference Advisors

David Jesuit


Assistant Professor of Political Science
Faculty advisor for CMU's Model United Nations
Department of Political Science
Central Michigan University
Anspack Hall 313B
(989) 774-2795

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Cherie Strachan



Department of Political Science
Central Michigan University

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