CMU Harry Potter Conference - Mischief Managed
A Scholarly and Performative Conference on Harry Potter
at Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant MI
October 31 - November 1, 2008

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Conference Participants

We have lots of events going on for conference participants, such as the Visit to Diagon Alley and Model Wizarding World activities.  See the full schedule here.

You are encourage to come in costume for the characters you choose to represent.  We will have wizard robes for rent at the event if you don't have your own.

Below are some of the people who participated in this conference.  Let us know if you would like your name here!

  • Aaron Wineman - Hagrid
  • Alex Grabski - eager participant
  • Alex Meyers - Lucius Malfoy (Slytherin)
  • Allison Tuma - eager participant
  • Alyssa Chrisman - Hermione (Gryffindor)
  • Amanda Nowak - eager Ravenclaw
  • Amanda Smith - eager participant
  • Amy Henderson - eager participant
  • Anne Hiebert Alton - Mrs. Molly Weasley
  • Anne Szczubelek - mandrake planting manager
  • Audrey Steinman - eager participant
  • Ari Berk - environmental caucus leader, participant
  • Ariel Wiborn - a Ravenclaw
  • Ashley Wood - sorting hat sorter
  • Ashley Croy - eager participant
  • Audrey Steinman - eager participant
  • Becky Acheson - opening ceremonies witch dancer
  • Bailey Wellman - Belatrix Lestrange
  • Bethany Shephard - a Ravenclaw
  • Bill Dailey - Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts, magical realm rights caucus leader
  • Bill Spruiell - Sirius Black
  • Brock Sieb - Harry Potter (Gryffindor) and a centaur
  • Cherie Strachan - eager observer
  • Chynna Socha - eager participant
  • Danielle Waller - eager participant
  • Denise Abbey - registration wizard
  • Denise Cole - Dolores Umbridge, Wizarding Superiority Council
  • Deidra LaPointe - eager Gryffindor
  • Diana Peer - eager Gryffindor
  • Don Socha - eager participant
  • Doris Ramsey - Professor Sprout (Herbology)
  • Drew Longmore - Winky the House-Elf
  • Elizabeth Iocca - accounting wizard
  • Ellen Daniels - Ginny Weasley
  • Emily Krause - eager participant
  • Gregory Crist - eager participant
  • Gus Strachan - a young wizard of promise
  • Jacque Humphrey - eager participant
  • Jillian Nowak - Luna Lovegood
  • John Erickson -  Amos Diggory (Hufflepuff)
  • John Longmore - Gobby the Garden Gnome
  • Josh Benson - technical wizard
  • Joyce Salisbury - eager participant
  • Julia Cody - Hermione (Gryffindor)
  • Justin - wizard rocker
  • Kaley Norris - eager participant
  • Katelyn Gardner - a Slytherin
  • Katherine Soave - eager participant
  • Keeley Stanley-Bohn - Narcissa Black Malfoy
  • Kristen Lamarre - eager participant
  • Kristen McDermott - Sybill Trelawney
  • Kyle Meade - Harry Potter (Gryffindor)
  • Lacy Wiley - eager participant
  • Lauren McConnell - Professor Minerva McGonnagall (Gryffindor)
  • Lauren Miller - a Slytherin
  • Lori LaPointe - a Gryffindor
  • Lisa Semetko - Madam Rosmerta
  • Madeline Bohn - Dobby the House-Elf
  • Maria Horner - eager participant
  • Megan Kowolski - Bellatrix Lestrange (Slytherin), Wizarding Superiority Council
  • Megan Ribesky - eager Ravenclaw
  • Matt Maggiacomo - wizard rocker (Whomping Willows)
  • Michael Gibson - wizard rocker
  • Michael Knight - Severus Snape, Ron Weasley & a centaur, Wizarding Superiority Council
  • Michael Meakin - "Dark Arts Road Show" consultant
  • Michelle Kordecki - a Ravenclaw
  • Mike Sobelewski - lighting wizard
  • Miranda Marshall - eager participant
  • Miranda Orta - Veela
  • Nancy Eddy - Madam Rolanda Hooch (Flying Instructor & Quidditch Coach)
  • Nancy Hartshorne - a Gryffindor, magical realm rights caucus
  • Nancy J. White - Professor Brite, Azkaban prison debate moderator, magical realm rights caucus leader
  • Nicole Steinman - eager participant
  • Ola Fadiran - Kingsley Shacklebolt, Senior Auror
  • Raymond Abbey - registration wizard
  • Rebecca Sharp -  Luna Lovegood (Ravenclaw)
  • Renee Snodgrass - a Ravenclaw
  • Richelle Gable - a Ravenclaw
  • Sarah Blodgett - eager participant
  • Sarah Case - eager Ravenclaw
  • Sarah Roekle -  Nymphadora Tonks
  • Sarah Schroeder - eager participant
  • Scott Wolfe - eager participant
  • Shaelynn Wolfe - eager participant
  • Stephanie Anderson - wizard rocker Tonks
  • Stephanie Ferring - eager participant
  • Stephanie Shilander - eager participant
  • Susan Cosby - eager participant
  • Tara Cuthbertson - a Gryffindor
  • Veronica Orta - a Ravenclaw
  • Wendy Erickson - Ginny Weasley (Gryffindor) and Dinky the House-Elf
  • William Todd-Jones - guest speaker, Satyr, environmental caucus leader
  • Zandra Lezzis - a proud Hufflepuff

And there are others!

To register for the conference, visit our Registration page.  If you would like to post your information here, contact us at


Below is some more information on participants who are helping out with the conference!



Anne Szczubelek

Undergraduate Student, English
Central Michigan University

Anne Szczubelek is a senior at Central Michigan University, majoring in English with a minor in history. Harry Potter first entered her life when she received the first three books for Christmas at the age of twelve. Ever since that time, Anne has rather appropriately described herself as “obsessed” with Harry and his world, and has been captivated and inspired by the writing of JK Rowling. She is currently working on finishing her undergraduate degree, and plans to eventually attend graduate school..

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Bill Dailey


Professor of Communication
Central Michigan University
Playing Albus Dumbledore

Bill Daily is a professor of Communication and Skullduggery at Central Michigan University. He holds a doctorate degree as well as the rank of Wizard (level 5) of youth spells, potions and mischief. He is a fellow of the Warwichshire House of Witchcraft. His current interests include the appearance of initial magic signs in preschool muggles.

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Ola Fadiran

Undergraduate Student, Electrical Engineering
Central Michigan University
Playing Kingsley Shacklebolt

Ola is a Sophomore at Central Michigan University studying Electrical Engineering as a Major. He is originally from Nigeria and loves his entire experience in America. He loves the Harry Potter series and learns more every chance he gets.


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Ashley Wood


Undergraduate Student, Elementary Special Education
Central Michigan University

Ashley is a 6th year undergraduate at Central Michigan University pursuing a degree in Elementary Special Education.  She has loved the Harry Potter Series ever since high school and has been to several release parties over the years.

Ashley is also very involved in music and theatre at the local community theatre in Mount Pleasant and at the School of Music at CMU. Her greatest love is musical theatre, especially Jersey Boys, which she has seen 13 times to date.

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Michael Knight

Undergraduate Student, Speech
Central Michigan University
Playing Severus Snape

Michael Knight is a Junior at Central Michigan University, a
Speech major with a TAI emphasis and is also studying to
become a teacher. Michael was first acquainted with Harry
Potter at 11 years old, and has been obsessed ever since. In
elementary school he made wands for all his friends so they
could all play and even wrote his own version of the Daily
Prophet in 8th grade. Harry Potter is a way of life for
Michael and he is very excited to be a part of this
convention! Dumbledore's Army Forever!!!. 

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