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A Scholarly and Performative Conference on Harry Potter
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October 31 - November 1, 2008

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Model Wizarding World Preparation Sheet

Here is a prep sheet for the Model Wizarding World activities.  Please review before Saturday's Model Wizarding World activities.


The first step in preparing for Model Wizarding World is research. Delegates should gather information on their constituency, identify their most pressing concerns and be prepared to draft resolutions addressing them at the gathering. Research should be done in both in the Magical and Muggle realm, as the two are inextricably linked.

Example Concern: The inappropriate use of pesticides in the Muggle realm and the rise of birth defects in the Flobberworm population, as shown by recent studies.

Position Paper:

During the gathering, delegates should create a short “position paper” clarifying the position of their constituency towards topics to be discussed at the conference. Position papers should contain the constituency’s relation to the topic, as well as possible suggestions for how to solve issues under discussion.

Example Position: The werewolf community strongly endorses prison reform at Azkaban. This is of particular concern to the werewolf community because of the disproportionate number of werewolves that have been imprisoned, indicating bias in the Wizarding judicial system. The Dementor practice of sucking all joy and -- on occasion -- the very soul out of a prisoner is, in fact, torture. Surely we in the enlightened Magical realm do not want to emulate Muggle-American precedent and their reliance on tortures such as water boarding, sleep deprivation and humiliation of prisoners! It is time to remove Dementors from their position as prison guards and set up retraining programs and mental therapy, so they can eventually integrate into the Magical realm and become productive members of our society.


Caucusing, or informal negotiation, is a significant part of Model Wizarding World. During these behind the scenes caucuses, delegates should identify common concerns between groups and form coalitions, in anticipation of drumming up support for the passing of resolutions later on during the general assembly.

Example Caucusing: Merpeople, unicorns and dragons all have concerns about ecology. Merpeople face environmental degradation due to pollution, unicorns are endangered species due to hunting practices for medicinal purposes and dragons face loss of habitat. These communities might logically form a coalition to bring about the protection of their environment.

Rules of Procedure:

In order for sessions to progress smoothly, it is important for delegates to follow the rules of procedure. These rules ensure that order is kept and delegates have equal opportunities to contribute to the discussion. Rules of procedure also provide a format to ask questions, make speeches, or to propose a butterbeer break.


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